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Business Development

Typhon Risk is the leading partner for B2B Sales in the insurance industry. Our experienced team of industry experts has a deep understanding of the market, and we work tirelessly to identify the best opportunities for our clients. Our extensive network ensures that we can connect our clients with the right people, helping them to achieve their business goals. We are the key that unlocks new paths towards growth and partnerships through:

  • Understanding Market Fit

    • We choose who we do business with by committing ourselves to a deep understanding of our clients' products, services, unique advantages​, competitors, risks, and exposures.

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting

    • Our reputation for discernment means that prospective customers for our clients are more apt to respond to our outreach.

  • Sales Qualification

    • We work to ensure whether our clients' offerings are a fit for prospective customers and partners​, saving both time and goodwill.

  • Scheduling Demos

    • We guide clients to the right meetings where we allow them to display their value and maximize the potential to close deals.

  • Refining Pitches and Presentations

    • We work with business leaders to refine their pitch decks and improve their presentations. Our experts have been in our clients' shoes, with years of experience pitching to investors, prospective clients, and partners, themselves.

Who We Work With

Our team confidently advises companies of all sizes within the insurance ecosphere.


Insurance Carriers

Property & Casualty

Startup Team


Pre-seed to late stage venture-backed startups

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Managing General Agents & Managing General Underwriters

Mechanic's Garage


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Office Work


Direct Repair Programs

Insurance for insurance companies

Third-Party Administrators

Let’s Enhance Your B2B Sales Together

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